Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Can exes be friends.... on a social network?

Recently an *ex boyfriend* send me a *friend request* on fb.  My first thought was OMG --  eeewww why does he want to be my friend??  He was just a boyfriend, we have no kids together, I supposed we have a few *mutual online friends* but we don't run with the same crowd..

My second thought then went to all the intimate affairs we had -- a happy thought, but then an eeeeewwww!  

I still haven't responded since I don't know what is right...  Obviously I care about him as I do ALL people, I love everyone, I love meeting new people.  So I would care to see how he is and hope that everything is happily blissful.

I wonder what his intent is?  Why just a request, why not a message too?  Why didn't he say I know it is been a long time, I just want to see how you are?  Does he want to just stalk me -- is he just a # collector?  Or is it really him -- maybe it is his significant other (had that happen before with another guy).

So what is the proper thing to do when an ex wants to friend you?  I suppose I could accept and see what happens, if he bothers me then he goes!  But I can guarantee there is no change of reconnecting in the state we were!!!!!!!  

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