Monday, January 28, 2013

Am I crazy?

I fell in love with this house *The OZ*......  well it took 5 months of craziness to finally get the loan and have the home in our name!!!  

That happened on Dec 21, the week before Christmas no doubt!

The place was a mess to say the least, dirt and dead bugs filled it up! Vacant for 3 years we knew it would be a challenge, BUT I do **love** a challenge! 

I thought we would just be cleaning, a few projects at a time, but I was wrong!

One month later an extra 20K on the house, still finding crap that scares me to death!

Since we have been here almost everyday is a new problem!  I can't do it all, I barely can try! 2 new roofs, driveway has been worked on twice.  We couldn't even walk around the entire house because of the briers! 

I hoped to be posting about fun lil projects, Right now the floor has to be removed in my master bathroom, along with the entire side of that wall, the entire part of the other part of the house!  We have found snake skins; all the attic crawl space insulation had to be removed, area cleaned, sealed, and new insulation replaced!

The washer had a few minor repairs my husband fixed after 50 loads I thought all was well, but NO I can home yesterday to a laundry room lake!!  The contractors can't even figure out where the drain is supposed to empty too!  

I moved here after a shaky year in marriage to say the least.  I am homeschooling my 3 boys, trying to save as much money as possible, and direct all of our workers...  and now *sign* my MIL is coming for a few months, maybe for good....... I just want to relax, do crafts, and enjoy my boys!  

I am hoping that one day that will happen!!!!!!   There is a reason God put us here!!!!! 

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