Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Odd ways...

I find it odd that I find unusual items in my husbands apartment that belongs to his roommate... my dh agrees his roomy chooses to obsess on somethings like keeping the porch light off to save power while keeping most of the house lights on super bright when he its home at night. 
The roomy is totally a hypochondriac!!  I feel like I am at a pharmacy with a drug and a natural cure for everything, but most are out dated at least by 8 years!! If I lost a finger he has something for it.  Common cold.. Heck there probably is a room dedicated to that!!! I see the spray to prevent air Borne germs, I am sure he was first to buy.
He drinks only filtered water but never changes the filter.... The guy purchases organic healthy food (cool) but lets it go bad, moldy, and doesn't their it away! He complains if anyone cooks because it makes a mess but yet I just mopped the floor and had to change the water every 2.feet!

 pop -- for ever sitting here
 many many meds!
 but all expired!!!
 what the heck -- in the fridge>
 moldy pickles ---- eeeewwwwww
 seriously??  save a tooth!!!!
 BOOZ are the most normal thing I have found!
 what the heck is this in the freezer -- I told Jon please do not add items to the freezer!

So now we are soooo glad that Jon does not live there anymore, we are very thankful our family is together again and we don't have to deal with other peoples oddness under our roof  on a daily basis that is :) 

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