Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Problem with the Asian Lady Beetle!!!!

So I have been gardening for several years and trying to distinguish the beneficial lady bugs and the non beneficial ones.  So the lady bugs that swarm inside your home in the fall (at least in WV) these are the Japanese Lady Bugs --

We just moved in our new home in The Plains VA and began painting the interior -- to find a HUGE lady bug nest, these are the Japanese or Asian Beetles -- the found their home inside our walls.  The main reason they came inside was because the previous owners did not appropriately place the siding on the wall, therefore not only did we have ladybugs but now we are replacing a whole side of our home because the wood was wet!!!!

More were found when the roof was being replaced!

The neighbors still see lady bugs and *Stink Bugs* -- the stink bugs feed on the lady bugs, so I think we will be fighting this battle for awhile inside and out!

Here is an article that I found helpful to describe the Japanese Lady Beetles!

Here are some pics of our issues

This picture our contractor just tapped on the wall and it caved in, the lady bugs ate the dry wall!

 Below- The nest covered this entire area.....  1000s of them!

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