Monday, January 28, 2013

I must say goodbye to........ diet coke

I don't know why I fell in love with you diet coke.  I began drinking you with my grandmother Josephine at a very young age and I was hooked, then my other grandma, then I finally converted my mother.....  What I *thought* was good, is my ENEMY!

I no longer want you for you make me burp and bloat,
You don't even taste good not even in a ice cream float!

You make me nervous and angry,
I don't want that I want to feel calm and free!

Heart palpation's and murmurs are some,
of the displeasure's that have come!

Your chemicals harm me,
They even cause my acne!

Without I am healthy, I loose weight,
but then i see you and put on 8!

I love my skin without you, it is clear and nice,
My addiction to you is like rolling the dice!

This shall be the last day, the last day,
I cannot let pop take away my ray!

I want to be healthy, I exercise and eat Kale,
So you damn bottle of diet coke go to Hell!

ahhhhh I feel like I can do it now!

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